narco054 – TROUBLED SLEEP #4

LEGLESS – Raw, savage, fiendish Harsh Noise.

REPTILE WOMB – Cryptic and ritualistic Black Blood Summoning.

ZONA INDUSTRIALE – First interview in decades for this ancient Italian Industrial legend.

JUKKA SIIKALA – Masterful visual artist combining classic traditions with perverted topics across an array of media and methods.

84 pages, 16x23cm, 80g paper, black & white.

Cover by Jukka Sikkala

Edition of 300

8.00 € + shipping




After classic demo tape and full length CD releases, Narcolepsia is proud to unleash the first vinyl for this obscure Nicola Vinciguerra´s project. Reeking of sexual decay and perfectly fitting the 7” single format, “The Hunt Has Gone Full Circle” emulates the crusty leftovers of anonymous clients, shattered dreams and low income, nature decomposed and degraded past recognition. Slowly moving, pulsating and hypnotic, this is Power Electronics vileness for the dedicated connoisseur.

Edition of 250

7.00 € + postage


narco084 – THE HATERS “LIVE!” DVD-R * (in conspiracy with AT WAR WITH FALSE NOISE)


A “fraternity of the absurd” spreading havoc and sabotage while conducting an ongoing investigation on what defines noise at its most poetic essence via entropy, erosion and collective unpredictability.

Contains 2 hours of various excerpts from live performances ranging from 1988 to 1999.

Edition of 300

8.00 € + postage

* Due to a very unfortunate miscommunication / misleading terminology incident with the pressing plant, this is a DVD-R and not a DVD as originally intended. While extremely disappointed with this, we hope it won´t prevent people to have access to and experience such an essential and rich historical document. Price reduced accordingly.



Obscure solo venture of Heinz Christian Wilp (founder of Der Schwarze Kanal, as well as ZU guitarrist and occasional member, as percussionist, of Das Synthetische Mischgewebe), which was active from 1984 to 1987.

“Katatonia”, originally put out by italian cult label ADN (as the Zona Industriale reissue in this batch), is probably the release most people associate with the project, and an absolutely essential document of 80s tape culture that Narcolepsia is very proud to unearth in this new format.

Enshrouded in the thick darkness of the postmortem era, this is a classic that contains every element to satisfy worshippers of those inimitable early days: diluted rawness and sinister vibes echoing throughout its entire length, in a spiral hypnotic descent into abyssic primitivism, spawning solemn and archaic rituals exhumed from forbidden regions, a macabre incursion into the saturated hiss of pure negativity.

Edition of 300

10.00 € + postage




Yasutoshi Yoshida and Nicola Vinciguerra have both carved their own corner in underground, being consistent throughout their already long path, faithful to a very personal vision yet never relying on the mere repetition of a formula.

“Enthropic Trash Apotheosis” shows both projects combining forces for a long desired collaboration effort, where they complement themselves really well through a frantic, almost cartoonish, approach to the overall flow of the three tracks herein contained.

A cacophonic celebration of pure energy, blending the vibrant and feverish psychedelic electronics we all praise Government Alpha for with Fecalove´s slighty sloppier, nastier vibe.

12.00 € + postage


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